• Representing Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) in all aspects of their operations including: leases, subleases, landlord/tenant disputes, FAA Part 13 and Part 16 proceedings relating to Federal Grant Assurances, compliance with Minimum Standards, Aircraft Lien Rights, and tax appeals.
  • Representing and defending certificate holders (pilots, mechanics, production approval holder (PAH), Part 145 repair stations,  and Part 135 operators) in enforcement proceedings including: Certificate Actions, Proposed Certificate Actions (“NOPCA”), FAA Investigations, and Emergency Revocations.
  • Representing airports and airport tenants in preventing construction that would negatively impact airports, including challenging zoning decisions and FAA Hazard Determinations.
  • Representing pilots, owners, and aircraft operators in all matters arising out of aircraft accidents/incidents including: (1) coordinating with the appropriate insurer, FAA, and NTSB following the accident/incident; (2) gathering, reviewing, and organizing important records and distributing to FAA, NTSB, and insurers as necessary; and (3) completing of the NTSB Accident Report (Form 6120.1) and participating in NTSB interviews to avoid harmful admissions that may impact the NTSB’s probable cause determination, the FAA’s enforcement investigation, the insurer’s coverage determination, and/or tort liability.
  • Counseling commercial businesses interested in incorporating the operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (“UAS”)(also known as drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAV”)) into their business operations, including obtaining a special airworthiness certificate if necessary.
  • Defending multi-district and complex multi-jurisdictional litigation arising from aviation accidents, including representing a helicopter sightseeing operator in the 2009 Hudson River midair collision litigation.
  • Recovering in excess of $6 Million for insurers in subrogation actions against a helicopter manufacturer and its component part suppliers when design and manufacturing defects caused multiple accidents around the world.
  • Defending a variety of general aviation component part manufacturers in New York and throughout the northeast from claims of defective design, defective manufacturer, and failure to warn claims, including those involving the manufacture of aircraft piston engine air filters.
  • Representing aviation businesses in a variety of transactional matters.