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Preserving Your Own Evidence (Or, People Who Live In Glass Houses…)

By: Paul A. Lange, Esq. In the first three articles in this series, we discussed some of the more common grant assurances that are disputed. This article takes a slightly different direction, discussing how to begin preparing for litigation or settlement discussions in advance of commencing litigation. The first step to ensuring success in litigation […]

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Exclusive Rights At Single FBO Airports

By: Alison L. McKay, Esq. It is sometimes difficult to determine whether a federally funded airport with a single FBO has granted an Exclusive Right in violation of Federal Grant Assurance 23. The purpose of this article is to help identify whether a single FBO airport is an Exclusive Right, or simply a situation where […]

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Minimum Standards Exemptions

By: Paul A. Lange, Esq. & Megan E. Bryson, Esq. Can an airport tenant ever really be exempt from an airport’s minimum standards and regulations? This is a pressing and timely issue for all airport tenants, whether the tenant is the beneficiary of an exemption or whether its competitor has or is seeking an exemption. […]

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